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The Way Human Performance Institute – California Concrete Muscles

Balance, Agility, Strength, Power, Endurance, and Injury Prevention


The Way HPI Testimonials

“In my profession, core strength and flexibility are extremely important and before I started working with Steve, I would struggle to keep up with my fellow competitors in terms of carry and distance. Now, after less than two years of work concentrating on what is critical to creating more power efficiently, the results speak for themselves. I have gained almost 15 yards of additional carry on tee shots which allows me to hit par fives in two and shorter irons to par 3s and 4s. My club head speed has increased by almost four miles per hour which is what has create the added distance and allows me to produce better results with less effort. Just working with Steve has provided me with increased confidence in how my body works and what I have to do to continue moving to the next level. Steve shares his knowledge with me in each session and he has become an expert in the TPI training method which has been the key to my recent success. I am very excited to see what the next year brings as we continue working together both in the gym and remotely.”

Jonathan Pannone

Professional Golfer

I have been training at The Way HPI during my spring off-season to prepare me for college hockey. The facility at The Way is top notch and the staff gives you all the tools you need to succeed. The place is always clean, organized, and appears to be well kept every day I walk in the door. It tells a lot about a facility when each day improvements are made to make the place better. I have seen my strength, speed, and flexibility improve tremendously since my first day and I am excited about moving on to the next level on the ice with the tools that The Way has helped me develop. The trainers are helpful, knowledgeable, and professional, and they bring an inspiring attitude to every one of my workouts. This place will make you better.

Joe Ramieri

NCAA Hockey – University of St. Thomas

I have always been dedicated to physical fitness and have worked out in several area gyms, sometimes up to 5 days a week. At the time, I did not feel that the training that I was doing was preparing me to achieve my particular goal of passing the Firefighter Physical Performance Assessment Test. A friend of mine suggested seeking out specific training for the fitness aspect of the firefighting profession so I would be able to pass the PPA test. He suggested that I try out The Way Human Performance Institute in Cranston, Rhode Island. He stated that they had specific functional training programs that target fitness for firefighters and law enforcement personnel. I decided to try it out and it was the key to my success. The workouts were definitely geared toward my needs to take and pass the PPA. The staff was very knowledgable and the training was never boring or monotonous. I quickly improved upon my weaknesses and conditioned my stamina and strengththrough the workouts geared toward my goals. By the itme I needed to take the test, I felt very confident and strong enough to complete it without questioning my abilities. The workouts were very rewarding and in the end my time improved by 2 minutes. I went from failing to passing, which proved that with the right amount of coaching, proper techniques and physical intensity in specific areas led to my success.
The trainers at The Way HPI care about their clients’ goals and monitor their performance without sugar coating their progress. I would recommend any and all women to train at this facility because the focus is on you and your success, no matter what the physical task is.

Katie Nichols

I am a 67-year-old, 14 handicap golfer who was starting to see his performance and distance fading, particularly in the back nine. I began the Golf Performance program last November, and was immediately amazed at some of the balance and flexibility restrictions I was experiencing which were brought out during the “pre-test” process. After one complete session, involving 1 ½ hours twice a week for eight weeks, I actually gained at least 20-30 more yards on my drives and one club advantage on my irons. Best of all, my balance and stability over the ball was evident in the much more controlled and accurate shots I was making, particularly when facing uneven stances or severe off-balance sand or bunker shots. I use a modified, condensed version of the initial golf performance stretching exercises designed specifically for the golf swing during pre-golf warm-ups, and it provides me with flexibility and fluidity right off the first tee. I recently signed up for another session and intend on incorporating this program into my overall golf game. Happy days are here again on the course!

Anthony Ventetuolo Jr.

Training for me at THEWAYHPI has been life altering. I work as a Police Officer and I am a SWAT operator so my job can be demanding physically and mentally. THEWAY has a group of trainers that are committed to each and every client that walks through the door, regardless on their initial capabilities.
I have recently been getting over a nasty lower back injury that may have had me lined up for an operation . Since my training at THEWAY has progressed the pain has subsided and my flexibility has changed tremendously. Sitting in a police car or just wearing added extra weight with all my protective equipment is much easier.
I had spent many years exercising in a typical gym thinking that I was improving my conditioning, when in actuality I was holding myself back. If you have a career that requires you to be conditioned to take on stressful situations, you need to be prepared. THEWAY has given me that preparedness and continues to do so.
The trainers continue to stay up to date and search for different types of conditioning that keeps all of their clients in shape.
Thanks to all the trainers for your dedication!

Danny Maggiacomo

Steve, I am indebted to your TPI training program for allowing me to play some of the best golf of my life last summer. I ended the season winning two major tournaments, had a hole in one, and a 3 handicap that I consistently played to. The program focused on the areas of my swing where I was physically unable to execute the motion. I’ve never felt so limber. I used your warm up exercises before I would play and I didn’t need 9 holes to start hitting the ball. Dramatically changed my first tee outlook!
I’ve made TPI my off course golf conditioning program. I did two 16 session programs last year and I’m on track to do 2 more this year.
Can’t thank you enough for creating a personalized exercise program that conditions my not too flexible body to be able to make the correct swing that is reliable and repeatable.
See you at the gym,

Michael Gooding

Myself and 12 of my teammates worked out once, sometimes twice a week for 3 months prior to the start of our football season with Jaime. It was tough, exhausting, tiring, painful and extremely rewarding come the start of our teams pre-season camps. We were quicker, more agile and out lasting everyone else thanks to the workouts Jaime put us through. Having been a teammate of Jaime’s and a friend I’ve often giving him a hard time for all the times he’s picked on me for being slow and out of shape but now I can say I’m at least in a little bit better condition thanks to him and The Way HPI. From all the players of the Southern New England Rage Football Team, I’d like to say thanks.

Dave Howard

“I am a 44yr old mother of two. I came to The Way in pretty good shape but I wanted to improve particular aspects of my volleyball game, namely my vertical jump and foot agility/quickness. After working with Frank for only 9 weeks ( 1 or 2x/week), I added 3 inches to my vertical and… In fact, I improved in every aspect of the fit test. I am extremely impressed and thrilled with my results!”


I have been lifting weights since I was 15 years old (I’m 38) and after just one work out at The Way I realized that I’ve been training wrong for all of those years. Not an easy thing to say or even realize but there it is. What did I gain from 23 years of weight lifting? How about a blown out shoulder, bad back and other various physical problems. I have only been training at The Way for a few months but I can already tell the difference and see the results. I just wish that this place with these trainers were around years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and pain. Fortunately for my children they will learn the proper way to train and learn from my mistakes. So if you need a change, want to challenge yourself and want to be in the best shape of your life try THE WAY, you won’t regret it.


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