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The Way Human Performance Institute – California Concrete Muscles

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Personal Training FAQs

Why are you called “The Way”?

The name comes from the Chinese Philosophy of Tao, or The Middle Path. The word Tao literally translates to “the way”. Taoists believes that the universe exists in a natural balance of all things. We have adapted the same philosophy to our style of training, ie: No push without pull, no acceleration without deceleration, no speed without control, etc.

Do I have to be an athlete (or even in shape) to train at The Way?

NO!!! It is a common misconception we face that many people believe that we only train the elite or highly skilled. We train all walks of life, regardless of age, sex, ability or experience. The biggest step you need to make is walking in the door. Beyond that, leave it to us to show you the best path to your goals. All are welcomed and encouraged to train at The Way! One of the most common things we hear is, “I have to get in shape before I come to you.” This is totally UNTRUE! If you’ve never trained a day in your life, you are welcome and the program you do will be designed for YOU! YOUR abilities, YOUR strengths, YOUR weaknesses, and YOUR NEEDS!

Can I try The Way without having to commit?

Yes! We always offer a FREE trial session or evaluation session on any of our programs. We offer the trial session because the decision whether or not to join is generally easier to make after actually experiencing a class. An evaluation is offered in the event of a conflict between which program would be the most suitable or to measure ability and function (in the case of Post-Rehab Training).

Am I on my own or will I have direction?

All of our classes are conducted WITH a trainer, and all of our trainers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in an exercise related field and multiple, nationally recognized certifications. This means you will always have someone monitoring your form and progress.

Can I only come to scheduled classes?

NO! When you buy training at The Way, you are also buying your membership! We allow you to come and use the facility at any of our normal business hours. We ask that you allow classes to take priority in the use of space and equipment and that you limit open workouts during our busiest hours of 5-7pm.

Do I have to schedule my appointments or can I just show up?

For the majority of classes we require you to give us 24 hours notice of your intention to attend a class. This prevents overbooking and a reduction in the attention that can be given to each individual. The only program that does not require pre-enrollment is our Tactical Performance Training. For that program, members are allowed to just show up to class.

How early do I have to cancel an appointment/session? Is there a penalty for late cancellation/rescheduling?

Just like a doctor or a lawyer, our time is valuable and limited. If you can’t make your scheduled time, we ask you to give us appropriate notice so we can fill the slot with another appointment. Therefore, we ask for 24 hours notice on any cancellations/rescheduling. Failure to do so without a reasonable excuse will result in the loss of the session. Excessive late cancellations will result in an automatic loss of the session.

Do you offer 1 on 1 Personal Training?

Yes. We offer both 1 on 1 and Small Group (2-4) Private Training. Our Post-Rehab Program is exclusively 1 on 1 to ensure the greatest quality education you can receive. Call for pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and all forms of credit cards. Our automatic/contracted payments are made by credit or debit card or ACH (a voided check is required for this option).
I want to join your program but don’t want to be billed automatically, can I just pay on the same day every month?
Unfortunately, no. We require any contracts to be fulfilled using a credit card or ACH. We do offer per session prices that don’t require automatic billing, depending on the program.

Your cost seems high compared to other gyms. Why?

We don’t feel our prices are high for what you are getting. You’re not paying for simply time spent in the gym or a product. What you’re getting is an education, an investment into your own health and well-being. You’re paying for an expert in the field to assist in your journey towards your fitness goals, even if you don’t know what those should be. In fact, compared to similar facilities in this area, our prices are about average or a little lower than most. Your health has a premium that you pay for your entire life. Would you want someone under-qualified working on your car or your taxes? In the same way, what you get here is reassurance that everything will be done in the best way it can be to get you feeling your best!

Can I get a package that lets me come to as many classes as I want?

Yes. We do offer Unlimited packages that allow you to come to 2 sessions per day in Life Performance or 1 per day in Sports Performance. The cost per session for these packages is reduced considerably (daily use lowers the price to under $10/class). Excessive late cancels/no shows will result in a loss of the ability to purchase these packages.

I bought sessions but now I don’t want to continue. Can I get a refund on the sessions I didn’t use?

No, refunds are only given when there is an accounting error on our part. Otherwise, all sales are final.
I trained here before, but the prices were lower, can I still get those rates?
Like any other product or service, prices do increase over time. If you have been absent for more than 30 days or cancelled your previous contract, you are subject to the new rates.
“Mr. Smiths” rate is different than mine, can I get his rate?
“Mr. Smith” is likely either in a different program or joined at a time when the rate was different, so “Mr. Smith” was subject to the rates at the time he joined while you are subject to our current rates.

Will my price ever increase?

No, not as long as you maintain your current membership and are not absent for more than 30 days. If you are absent for more than 30 days, you are subject to the newest rates.

Can I suspend my membership/contract?

Yes, contracts can be suspended for up to 90 days without penalty (Except in the case of deployment/training where suspensions are allowed for the duration). We must have the available form signed and defining the terms of the suspension a minimum of 48 hours before the next billing date in order to suspend the cycle. If your suspension ends mid-cycle, your next billing will not be on the end date of the suspension, but on your usual billing day.

Do you offer family memberships/discounts?

We offer a 10% discount on the program cost of any family member for someone currently in one of our programs. Additionally, we run monthly specials (in our newsletter) that occasionally offer further discounts to friends or family.

If I don’t use all of my sessions during a given month, can they be transferred to the next month?

No, sessions can’t be carried over from month to month on contracted plans. However, if a month has 5 weeks, you will also not be charged extra for the additional sessions you attend before your next cycle.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. For Life and Sports Performance, we offer non-contractual packages at a slightly higher per-session cost. These packages expire after 90 days. Unused sessions may be transferred to a new package, but only upon purchase of that package. We highly recommend that members purchase contracts as opposed to non-contracted packages because health changes require time to come to fruition and longer commitment will mean greater change.

Will I be penalized for early cancellation?

Not if you relocate outside the immediate area (20 mile radius) or have a doctor’s note stating you are unable to continue. Otherwise, cancellation will require the reimbursement of 80% of the remaining contract. There is also no penalty for cancellation of the TPT contract, but all contract cancellations require the available form to be signed at least 48 hours prior to the next billing date.

I’ve heard about the importance of youth training and the understanding of proper form. How old should my child be before they begin training?

Youth training has become very important in this age of childhood obesity, the reduction of physical education in schools and the over-abundance of skill-based youth sports. Here at The Way HPI we train children in our Youth Performance Training (half-hour sessions) as young as 8 and in our Sports Performance Training (hour sessions) as young as 12. The focus in these classes is placed on the form, learning primary and necessary movement skills, and getting kids interested in physical fitness.

I’m new to training, will I be in a class with other beginners or more advanced individuals?

Most classes at The Way HPI are almost always a mix of ages and abilities. This has never been an issue because we have no WOD’s (Workout of the Day) here. Each group’s workout is specifically tailored to the relative ability level and experience of the individuals in that group. The only people responsible for your workout are you and your trainer. Once workouts begin, all our clients are solely focused on doing the best THEY can do (though more experienced clients will often give tips to newer members).

My son/daughter plays “X” sport. What sport-specific exercises do you teach?

There are very few exercises that can truly be considered “sport-specific”. Most exercises and drills can be used across a variety, if not all sports. We do not teach skills here. Our Sports Performance Training is an all-inclusive, land-based sport strengthening program. Several times a year we offer season-specific training for the rigors and common injuries seen in particular sports (ie. rotator cuff strengthening to prepare for baseball/softball). A more sport-specific program can be purchased by utilizing our Personal Training packages.

Can I work out on my own?

As we stated before, your membership is included in the cost of training. This means you can come workout during open gym hours, follow one of the workouts on the board or join our Adult Performance Training Program.

I’ve heard that female athletes are more prone to knee injuries than male ones, does your program address that?

The majority of the training methodology at The Way HPI revolves around the concept of “pre-habilitation”, or training the muscles to prevent injury and work in the way they are designed to. We focus on balance, control, deceleration and landing mechanics as well as shoulder and core stability. All of the commonly seen and several less common ones are all addressed within the framework of our workouts.

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