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Why Your Weight Lifting PR Sucks

I don’t Social Media often, but when I do, I remember why I hate it. It’s because of your PR. Everyone who is on social media has seen someone (either…

Get Your Ski Legs

There are a few keys to getting your body ready for skiing, the first being endurance, and not the kind that you build running on a treadmill. The reason that…

Functional Fitness: What does that mean?

Today’s guest post is from Michelle Gauvin. Michelle has been running her massage therapy business out of The Way HPI since it first opened in 2011, and in that same…

Striking a Balance in The Unstable Surface Controversy: How and Why You Should Use UST

Unstable Surface Training has seen a recent decline in popularity as evidence has been presented in recent years that training for strength on unstable surfaces decreases it’s effectiveness. While there…

Why Balance Matters

We constantly preach about balance in training (push/pull, acceleration/deceleration, action/reaction), it’s right there in our name: The Way. The Way comes from Tao, a philosophy of balance, following a central…

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